AKINSOFT Customer Panel and Reseller Panel Login

AKINSOFT Customer and Dealer System

Customer Panel System: Licensed users of our programs developed specifically for different sectors can access their license numbers registered in the system by logging into the customer panel, open R&D records for the improvements they need in the programs, and submit their requests via the request-suggestion form. They can access the time-saving ticket system that AKINSOFT offers to its customers through the customer panel. They can also easily purchase the products they need through online payment screens. They can view the announcements made by AKINSOFT to its customers from the news area and be informed about the developments moment by moment. In addition, they can benefit from the campaigns specially defined for them by different companies through the Advantages World offered to them by AKINSOFT.

Dealer Panel System: Reseller panel system is a closed system developed by AKINSOFT for its Solution Partners. Only companies that are AKINSOFT solution partners can log in to the system with codes specially defined for them. In this panel, they can enter R&D records for themselves and their customers, follow up sales, and review demo requests directed to them. They can participate in trainings through the panel and follow the organizations organized by AKINSOFT. They can inform their customers by viewing the campaigns offered to end users during the month and if there are special campaigns for their region. They can follow the Bonus System where they can view the bonuses they get from their corporate and sales-oriented work and monitor their performance.

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